SCORM 1.2: IMS Content package to examine the LMS API

To easily examine the Learning Management System’s Scorm 1.2 API I’ve extracted the “SCORM API Exerciser” from an “SCO Test Wrap for SCORM 1.2” developed by Click2Learn and put it into an IMS content package zip file.

You can upload/import that IMS content package zip file in any Scorm 1.2 compatible LMS. The SCO (Sharable Content Object), i.e. the content of the learning resource, contains of a single html page that enables you to call the LMS’ API functions and examine the returned result and error values.

The SCO item is defined with the following parameters:

	Scorm 1.2 API examiner

If the LMS Scorm 1.2 API supports the above parameters, the appropriate LMSGetValue calls should return the defined values; for example LMSGetValue(cmi.launch_data) should return “LaunchData”.

Download the Scorm 1.2 API examiner.

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