ActionScript 2: Bugfixes in “ActionScript 2.0 Arabic Parsing v1.2” – Part 2

Update 2010-08-12: In the meantime version 1.5 of Arabic Parsing for ActionScript 2 has been released (see

As you can read in my previous post ActionScript 2: Bugfixes in “ActionScript 2.0 Arabic Parsing v1.2”, I have fixed some bugs in version 1.2 of the “Arabic parser” for ActionScript 2. After the user “geekgirl” has mentioned here that Latin words at the beginning of the string are ignored I tried to fix this bug as well.

You can download my new patched version here.

While fixing this bug, I think I found some other problems with string containing both Arabic and Latin characters as you can read here. Moreover, some problems “geekgirl” has mentioned here are still remaining unresolved.

To get all the problems under control, the author has announced to try a different approach to handle bidirectional strings in the next version. I’m looking forward to test the new version.

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