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  • ActionScript 2: Cast object to array

    Explicit conversion (casting) in ActionScript2 is very easy. Just put the variable in parentheses and precede the (new) type you want to cast to, like: var i:Number = 1; var b:Boolean = Boolean(i); trace(b); // outputs “true” Trying to cast an object to an array using this technique does not result in the expected output. […]

  • Adobe CS4: Fix Adobe Drive connection problems to Adobe Version Cue

    Recently, I had problems to connect to a Adobe Version Cue CS4 server using Adobe Drive CS4 on a Windows 7 64bit machine. The connection worked for about two weeks, but from one day the Adobe Drive CS4 application froze every time I tried to establish a connection to the server (restarting the client and […]

  • Ubuntu: Reset debian-sys-maint’s mysql password

    On Ubuntu systems there is a (system) mysql user debian-sys-maint that is used by the system’s init scripts to control the mysql database, e.g. to start or stop the mysql server. The password of this user is stored (in clear text) in /etc/mysql/debian.cnf. If this password does not match the the actual password in the […]

  • Hibernate interceptors: Update entity’s properties “on update” and “on save”

    An Hibernate interceptors provides a highly flexible way to hook into the session’s life-cycle to invoke your custom methods at particular session states, like before an entity is persisted and/or updated. Specially in multi-tier applications interceptors can be useful to plug in (entity) functionalities on a very clear way instead of scattering them through the […]

  • svndumpfilter & svndumpfilter2: Extract svn paths to separated repository

    If you have a svn repository and you would like to extract one ore more paths to put them in a separated repository it could be exhausting, especially if the origin svn repository is very big. svndumpfilter svn’s svndumpfilter tool helps you to meet the target: You can create a dump of the origin svn […]

  • & Apache2: Create and use free public key certificates is a certificate authority that offers you free public key certificates. Here is a howto that explains the steps to be taken to create server certificate and how to use them with the Apache2 webserver. 1. Add the domain to your account Login in your account and add your domain (Domains > […]