Category: Programming

  • Hibernate interceptors: Update entity’s properties “on update” and “on save”

    An Hibernate interceptors provides a highly flexible way to hook into the session’s life-cycle to invoke your custom methods at particular session states, like before an entity is persisted and/or updated. Specially in multi-tier applications interceptors can be useful to plug in (entity) functionalities on a very clear way instead of scattering them through the […]

  • SCORM 1.2: IMS Content package to examine the LMS API

    To easily examine the Learning Management System’s Scorm 1.2 API I’ve extracted the “SCORM API Exerciser” from an “SCO Test Wrap for SCORM 1.2” developed by Click2Learn and put it into an IMS content package zip file. You can upload/import that IMS content package zip file in any Scorm 1.2 compatible LMS. The SCO (Sharable […]

  • CakePHP: Simple Google Analytics integration

    The easiest way to integrate Google Analytics’ JavaScript tracking code in your cake application is to add Google’s code snippet in the file app/views/default.ctp. To be a little more flexible you can store the tracker code in the application’s configuration file (/app/config/core.php). Moreover you can define a CakePHP (view) element that can be reused in […]

  • ActionScript 2: Create dynamic FLVPlaybacks with attachMovie

    There is a simple way in ActionScript 2 to dynamically create instances of the FLVPlayback component: Put the FLVPlayback component into your library (you can drag’n’drop the component from the components window into the library). Use the following two lines of code to attach the FLVPlayback to a MovieClip (_root in the simple example) and […]

  • mediaboxAdvanced 1.1.7: German black and white themes

    Introduction mediaboxAdvanced is a library based on MooTools to create overlays on the current page. The library supports various kind of media like images, videos, external pages…. Since I used mediaboxAdvanced in a german project I localized the default white and black theme that are provided by the author. Localization contains the following adaptations: Button […]