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  • Archos 101 internet tablet: Activate WLAN HTTP proxy settings in Android WebView

    Since firmware version 2.1.8 the Archos 101 internet tablet supports HTTP proxy settings. The proxy settings can be configured under “Settings > Wireless & network > wifi proxy settings”. To enable the HTTP proxy settings in a WebView one has to call WebView.enablePlatformNotifications() in the Activity’s onCreate() method: public class YourActivity extends Activity { @Override […]

  • Windows 7 64bit: ADB (Android Debug Bridge) & Archos 101 internet tablet

    Here are short step-by-step instructions how to connect ADB (Android Debug Bridge) with an Archos 101 internet tablet on Windows 7 64bit. IMHO, the instructions should also work on 32bit systems. After you have installed the Android SDK (see http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html) follow the instructions below: Download the Archos ADB drivers ftp://support.archos.com/ARCHOS%20it/ADB/adb_winusb_driver.zip Add a new line with […]

  • Hide Android (software) buttons on Archos 101 internet tablet

    On the Android tablet Archos 101 internet tablet the Android buttons (Home, Menu, Back and Search) are software buttons, and not hardware buttons like on most other Android devices. To hide theses Android buttons in your app, one has to add the following permission to AndroidManifest.xml (none-Archos devices that do not know the permission will […]