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Eclipse & Windows 64-Bit: Resolve “Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) must be available…” and “Java was started but returned exit code= 13…”

It’s been a while I’ve set up Eclipse the last time and today I tried to run Eclipse (“Eclipse Classic 4.2.1 / 64 Bit” downloaded from here to be precise) on my fresh installed Windows 8. After extracting the zip folder and starting eclipse.exe I got the error message: Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java […]

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Eclipse ADT & Google APIs: Fixing “MapActivity cannot be resolved to a type”

After using the SDK Manager to download and install the Google APIs Add-On (see one can start to develop Android applications that uses the Google services like Google Maps. After changing the parent class of your activity to MapActivity one has to select one of the Google APIs as “Android Built Target” (Right click […]

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Eclipse 3.6.1 (Helios) & Subversive: Installing SVN connector failed


I tried to set up the Subversive plugin on a fresh Eclipse 3.6.1 (Helios) installation recently. I used the Subversive version 0.7.9I20100512-1900 from the Helios repository, but trying to install a SVN Kit connector (I tried SVN Kit 1.3.2) failed with the following error message: “Cannot complete installation: Problems occurred while performing installation: Operation details […]

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