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ASP.NET MVC 3 & MongoDB: CRUD operations in NoSQL database using FluentMongo

This blog post shows how to use the open-source NoSQL database MongoDB in an ASP.NET MVC 3 web application. The showcase web application uses FluentMongo that adds LINQ-support for the 10gen MongoDB C# driver. Summarized the application demonstrates how to perform the basic CRUD (create, read, update and delete) database operations. Before running the example […]

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ASP.NET MVC 3: Validate complex Types (Objects & Lists) in Ajax Form using jQuery and JSON on Client Side and Server Side

This blog post shows how to validate models containing complex types such as Objects and Lists in ASP.NET MVC 3. We start with the source code described in one of my previous posts “ASP.NET MVC 3: Using JSON result for jQuery Ajax Forms validation” (you can download the Visual Studio 2010 project here). Summarized this […]

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ASP.NET MVC 3: Set up custom error pages to handle errors in “non-AJAX” requests and jQuery AJAX requests

In this blog post I will show how to set up custom error pages in ASP.NET MVC 3 applications to create user-friendly error messages instead of the (yellow) IIS default error pages for both “normal” (non-AJAX) requests and jQuery AJAX requests. In this showcase we will implement custom error pages to handle the HTTP error […]

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