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ASP.NET MVC 3: Ajax Form with jQuery validate supporting (unobtrusive) Client Side Validation and Server Side Validation

Update 2011-08-07: I’ve written a new follow-up blog post to this one which shows how to upgrade the techniques described here with custom (jQuery) JavaScript code to implement a more flexible Ajax form handling. This blog post shows step by step instructions how to build an Ajax form with jQuery validate supporting (unobtrusive) client and […]

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ASP.NET Membership Provider: Changing user password without knowing the old one

If you want to change a membership user’s password with the MembershipUser.ChangePassword method you need to know the user’s old password. The following extension method defines a SetNewPassword method that enables you to reset the password without knowing the old one: public static class MembershipUserExtension {   /// <summary> /// Set a new password for […]

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