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  • Ubuntu 9.10: Setup VDRAdmin-am

    To setup the web based VDR administration tool vdradmin-am (which is a fork of vdradmin) just follow the instructions below: Install the required package: # sudo apt-get install vdradmin-am Setup your the user name and password in /var/lib/vdradmin-am/vdradmind.conf: PASSWORD = your-secret-password USERNAME = vdr Enable vdradmin-am in /etc/default/vdradmin-am: ENABLED=”1″ Start vdradmin-am: # sudo /etc/init.d/vdradmin-am start […]

  • Ubuntu 9.10 & VDR: Setup with Hauppauge Nexus-S and Hauppauge Nova-S

    This is a step by step instruction how to setup a (basic) VDR system on Ubuntu 9.10 and two Hauppauge DVB-S TV tuner cards: Hauppauge WinTV Nova-S-Plus Rev. B1B1 Hauppauge WinTV Nexus-S Rev 2.3 1. Install Software Just go through the the Ubuntu setup process as described here; at best: Download and burn the appropriate […]

  • Ubuntu: Reset debian-sys-maint’s mysql password

    On Ubuntu systems there is a (system) mysql user debian-sys-maint that is used by the system’s init scripts to control the mysql database, e.g. to start or stop the mysql server. The password of this user is stored (in clear text) in /etc/mysql/debian.cnf. If this password does not match the the actual password in the […]

  • Ubuntu: Fix slow ssh logins

    Slow SSH logins could be caused by DNS lookup on the server side. If it takes (too) long time to be prompted for a password the option UseDNS could by a solution (as suggested in the OpenSSH FAQ). On Ubuntu edit the file /etc/ssh/sshd_config and add the following line: UseDNS no Restart the SSH daemon […]

  • Feeds & IMAP: Feed2Imap aggregates feeds into IMAP folders

    Introduction Using the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) for your email account(s) enables you to get an always up-to-date view of your inbox: You can use different mail clients (on different machines) to access your mails and all mails are stored on a server which makes restoring your mails very easy in case of the […]

  • Ubuntu 9.10: Setup APC for PHP5 and Apache2

    Update 2010-09-25: There is a new blog post (“Ubuntu 10.04: Setup APC for PHP 5.3 and Apache2”) for Ubuntu 10.04. To set up the Alternative PHP Cache (APC) just follow the instructions below: Install the required packages: # sudo apt-get install php-pear php5-dev apache2-threaded-dev Install APC: # sudo pecl install apc Create file /etc/php5/conf.d/apc.ini with […]