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  • Windows 7: How to edit hosts file

    To edit the hosts file on a Windows 7 system just follow the instructions below: Press Windows-Key or click on Windows icon Search for “cmd.exe“ Press Strg+Shift+Return or right click on cmd.exe and select “Run as administrator” Confirm the Windows UAC dialog. Run notepad %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts Edit the hosts file and save the changes Close the […]

  • CrashPlan PRO & Windows: How to connect to a remote (headless) CrashPlan PRO client running on Linux

    To configure a remote (headless) Linux CrashPlan PRO client with a Windows system follow the step by step instructions below after you have installed CrashPlan PRO on your Windows and the remote system. Close the CrashPlan Application if it is open (you do not need to end the CrashPlan background backup service). Download plink.exe from […]

  • Windows: Search for strings in files recursively

    Recently, I found the findstr command on Windows system which can be used to search for strings in files (similar to find combined with grep on Unix). Here is an example that searches for the string “hello world” in all files in the current working directory and all subdirectories (parameter /s specifies recursive search): > […]

  • Windows: Android SDK installer does not find Java SE Development Kit (JDK)

    Update 2011-06-25: As suggested in the comments just clicking back button and then next again in the installer could bypass the problem. Thanks to Hatem and tikno07. I was trying to install the Android SDK tools using the Windows installer package recently. Since I had the Java JDK SE 6 Update 23 installed on my […]

  • Windows 7: Install service to run Razuna 1.4 automatically

    Here is a little Windows 7 howto to install a service that runs Razuna 1.4 automatically: Download the Apache Tomcat binary files (32-bit or 64-bit). Extract the zip file and copy the files bin\tomcat6.exe, bin\tomcat6w.exe, bin\service.bat to [YOUR-RAZUNA-PATH]\bin. Open the Windows command line (with the option “Run as administrator”) and install the service: cd [YOUR-RAZUNA-PATH]\bin […]

  • Microsoft CRM 4.0: Fix “TrySetFocusOnSubject” error after installing Update Rollup 12

    After installing the Update Rollup 12 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, I get an error (“Microsoft Dynamics CRM has encountered an error”) in the web frontend when closing an activity (e.g. a task). The error report says: <CrmScriptErrorReport> <ReportVersion>1.0</ReportVersion> <ScriptErrorDetails> <Message>Object expected</Message> <Line>1</Line> <URL>[…]</URL> <PageURL>[…]</PageURL> <Function>function anonymous() { TrySetFocusOnSubject() }</Function> <CallStack> <Function>function anonymous() { TrySetFocusOnSubject() }</Function> </CallStack> </ScriptErrorDetails> <ClientInformation> <BrowserUserAgent>[…]</BrowserUserAgent> <BrowserLanguage>en-us</BrowserLanguage> […]