VDR: Hardware configuration for DVB-C HD VDR system

Here is the hardware configuration for my DVB-C VDR system that supports HD content:

  • Case: Antec Fusion Remote Black (Link)
  • Mainboard: Asus M3N78-EM
  • Power supply: SilverStone ST30NF
  • Processor: AMD Sempron 140
  • Fan: Scythe Ninja “Mini”
  • Memory: Kingston HyperX DIMM Kit 2GB PC2-8500U CL5-5-5-15 (DDR2-1066)
  • Harddisk: Western Digital WD3200BEVE 2,5″ 320GB
  • DVB-C device:
    • Satelco EasyWatch PCI DVB-C
    • Satelco EasyWatch Common Interface*
    • Alphacrypt classic*

*used for DVB-C signal encryption

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