Windows 7: Install service to run Razuna 1.4 automatically

Here is a little Windows 7 howto to install a service that runs Razuna 1.4 automatically:

  1. Download the Apache Tomcat binary files (32-bit or 64-bit).
  2. Extract the zip file and copy the files bin\tomcat6.exe, bin\tomcat6w.exe, bin\service.bat to [YOUR-RAZUNA-PATH]\bin.
  3. Open the Windows command line (with the option “Run as administrator”) and install the service:
    cd [YOUR-RAZUNA-PATH]\bin
    service.bat install
  4. In the list of you windows services you will find a new entry “Apache Tomcat 6” which enables you to start and stop the Razuna service (to automatically start Razuna set the “Startup type” to “automatic”).

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