CrashPlan PRO & Windows: How to connect to a remote (headless) CrashPlan PRO client running on Linux

To configure a remote (headless) Linux CrashPlan PRO client with a Windows system follow the step by step instructions below after you have installed CrashPlan PRO on your Windows and the remote system.

  1. Close the CrashPlan Application if it is open (you do not need to end the CrashPlan background backup service).
  2. Download plink.exe from here.
  3. Edit the configuration file (in folder C:\Programme\CrashPlan\conf\ and add the following setting:
  4. Open the command prompt to set up a ssh tunnel to the remote Linux system with plink.exe:
    > plink.exe -L 4200:localhost:4243 [USERNAME]@[HOST]
  5. Open the CrashPlan application (e.g. by right clicking on CrashPlan tray Icon and selecting “Show Application…”) to configure your remote CrashPlan client.

To configure your CrashPlan client running on your Windows machine, just reopen the CrashPlan application after you have removed the servicePort configuration in the file.

You can find more information in the CrashPlan support center on this site.