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Crashplan 3.8.2010: Fix “CrashPlan PRO Server failed to initialize – error 4001” on Linux

For any reason my Linux CrashPlan PRO Server (version 3.8.2010) crashed. The CrashPlan manager web user interface shows the error CrashPlan PRO Server failed to initialize – error 4001 After restarting the CrashPlan PRO Server the log (/var/log/proserver/com_backup42_app.log.0) shows the following error: […] org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: File corrupted while reading record: "index not found 286". Possible solution: […]

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CrashPlan PRO & Windows: How to connect to a remote (headless) CrashPlan PRO client running on Linux

To configure a remote (headless) Linux CrashPlan PRO client with a Windows system follow the step by step instructions below after you have installed CrashPlan PRO on your Windows and the remote system. Close the CrashPlan Application if it is open (you do not need to end the CrashPlan background backup service). Download plink.exe from […]

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