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  • XenServer 5.6: Add /var/log/btmp to logrotate

    Warning: Since a large /var/log/btmp could indicate that somebody is running brute force attacks against your system, you should at least think about changing the ssh port or setting up tools like DenyHosts or Fail2Ban (see here for more information about preventing ssh brute force attacks). By default logrotate seems not be configured for the […]

  • Hetzner EQ root server & XenServer 5.6: Howto use additional IP subnets

    With each Hetzner EQ root server you get a limited number of four IP addresses. Since you need one IP address for your XenServer host system and one for each guest system, the number of guest system is limited by default. To overcome this limitation, you can buy additional IP subnets (/29 with 6 IP […]

  • XenServer 5.6: Kernel update for (paravirtualized) Ubuntu 10.04

    I used jansipke’s great tutorial “Installing XenServer Tools on Ubuntu 10.04” to set up a paravirtualized Ubuntu 10.04 guest system (to enable support for the XenServer Tools) on a XenServer 5.6 host system. Using this technique, it is important to update the host system after a kernel update in the guest system. In the simplest […]

  • XenServer 5.6 & Debian Lenny: Fix apt-get/aptitude GPG error

    If you follow the instructions in the Citrix Developer Network to set up a (paravirtualized) Debian Lenny guest system apt-get or aptitude will show the following error W: GPG error: http://updates.vmd.citrix.com lenny Release: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 841D6D8DFE3F8BB2 W: You may want to run apt-get […]

  • XenServer 5.6: Network problems with r8169 kernel module

    Update 2010-10-21: Even with the new kernel module (r8168) the Hetzner monitoring reported short offline times now and then (about one ping failure every day). Compared to the old module (r8169) the problems occurred much less often. To examine the problem, I set up a cronjob to report the network status on the host system […]

  • XenServer 5.6: Tutorials to setup on Hetzner EQ root server

    Here is a list of tutorials I’ve used to setup the XenServer 5.6 on a Hetzner root server with paravirtualized Ubuntu 10.04 and Debian 5.0 guest systems. Some tutorials were written for XenServer 5.5, but they also worked with the new version 5.6. Host system Xenserver 5.5: Automatische Installation, sw raid1, lokale ISO library (German) […]