XenServer 5.6: Tutorials to setup on Hetzner EQ root server

Here is a list of tutorials I’ve used to setup the XenServer 5.6 on a Hetzner root server with paravirtualized Ubuntu 10.04 and Debian 5.0 guest systems. Some tutorials were written for XenServer 5.5, but they also worked with the new version 5.6.

Host system

(Paravirtualized) Guest systems

Thanks a lot to all authors for the great tutorials. You really helped me to manage the setup.


One response to “XenServer 5.6: Tutorials to setup on Hetzner EQ root server”

  1. Hello and thanks for this post.
    I just got a server on Hetzner and I want to setup xenserver on it.
    I wonder if you could direct me to a single setup guide in English. It’s a bit confusing for me following the different links, and some not in English.
    Thank you.

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